About Us

Hi We Are Compagnon! We Have Been Breeding These Awesome Bulldogs For Years.



Hello, we are Grant and Maria. We are boutique French Bulldogs breeders. Our program is focused on improving the health and sustainability of the breed. We are looking for forever homes, filled with love, for our special puppies.

Our Breeding Practices

Behaviour and socialisation

Our puppies live with us at our home. They are regularly socialised with people and
other dogs (once they are vaccinated).

We start grass-tray toilet training at approximately 4 weeks of age.

We condition them to various sounds and noises.

Once appropriate, they enjoy a large outdoor, grass play area. They also have lots of safe, indestructible toys!


We are located on the Peninsula in Victoria, where the sea meets the mountains. Our property is spacious, offering air conditioning and heating. Our whelping area caters for all conditions to ensure our puppies are always comfortable. Our puppy pack includes a bed, food, toys and pet insurance.


Our breeding dogs are DNA tested for genetic diseases. They are tested via the Functional Grading System and all have their good temperaments nurtured.

Our breeding dogs are also trachea, back and hip assessed.

Our puppies are vet checked, DNA checked, vaccinated, wormed and micro-

We are very focused on diet from birth. We ensure they receive colostrum at birth, which is very important and are fed premium quality food, e.g. Royal Canin.

RightPaw was created by vets and ethical breeders.  Their purpose is to improve animal welfare.

RightPaw loves responsible breeders!

All breeders on the RightPaw site are screened to ensure they can be RightPaw verified.  These breeders must abide by the RightPaw Code of Ethics and all health tests provided to RightPaw have been checked.  Furthermore, RightPaw conducts a virtual tour of their verified breeders premises.

We are very proud to be verified by RightPaw!”

Price Range

A$5,000 - A$7,000

Our Story

During the 80s, Grant travelled through France while living in Europe. He returned to Australia with a fascination for the little French Bulldogs he saw everywhere in France.

He was very fortunate to find a French Bulldog breeder in NSW. Although he had never seen a French Bulldog in Australia, a lady called Mrs Partridge, one of the pioneers of
the breed here, sold him his first Frenchie. Her name was Jazz. He has kept the breed ever since.

History Of French Bulldogs

The beginnings of the French Bulldog start with an ancient
Greek tribe, The Molossians, who bred massive dogs for work
and war known as the Molossus breed. From these dogs
came other breeds such as the Bullenbeisser, now extinct.
These dogs were the ancestors of bulldogs as we know them
From the mid 1800s, English Bulldogs were taken to France
by lace workers from Nottingham, forced out by the
Industrial Revolution, who in the main settled in Normandy.

They then developed Bulldogs into a smaller, distinctively,
French “type” suitable for indoor, companion living.

French “type” dogs were then taken to America where they
were bred to a standard for bat ears. American breeders
preferred bat ears whereas French breeders opted for both
bat and rose type ears. The French dogs were named
Bouledogue Francais and became fashion symbols.

English supporters of the Bouledogue Francais formed their
own kennel club in 1902 and the English kennel clubs added
these dogs into their roster. By 1912, the name was officially
changed to French Bulldog. The bat ears became the
standard in England, America and finaly, France and French
Bulldogs as we know them, were created.

Why we got involved in breeding

As a result of a love for dogs and particularly, a passion for French 
Bulldogs, we met other owners and breeders. Our growing 
knowledge and thirst for information regarding the breed gave us a
 strong desire to get involved with improving their health and 
ensuring the longevity of the breed.

About Us

Our special touch

We are working alongside specialised vets and other progressive breeders to
 implement current and future health testing. This testing is such an important part of a French Bulldog Breeding Program. As importantly, we breed dogs which have the signature French Bulldog personality and excellent temperament. We Breed puppies to French Bulldog standard and also with the more recent, beautiful colours